About Me

I would like to think that I am a super organised person, that I have aced every storage solution in my home and that I would never ask my fiancé to change a paint colour three times...in six months.

This is definitely not the case!

Hi! I'm Rachel and I live in a fairly ordinary three bedroom semi-detached little house with my fiancé Joe and our 10 month old daughter Rosie. 

What is extraordinary is the location - we live on a tiny island 28 miles off the South coast of England. I like to think that we live in paradise, but paradise certainly presents its own set of challenges to a girl setting up her first home! We have a small number of shops for food, domestic essentials and some lovely island based clothing companies but pretty much everything else I buy online! 

So whilst I set up my first home I search online for neat storage solutions, decorating delights and homey touches and I began to find all these wonderful inspiring pictures, dreamy designs and clever ideas to transform my home on a modern girls budget. I began googling articles on popular home design websites and from there found all the quirky, cool blogs that are floating around out there...and I thought to myself, why not?! So A Spoonful of Storage was born.

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