Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Magazine Storage

If like me you love a good home magazine then you will find them piling up around your home. But with all the inspirational ideas and beautiful pictures tucked inside those pages, who really wants to throw them away after one read? Not me! 

Instead of organising them though, I left them under the coffee table in our lounge so I could grab one in the evening and have a quick skip through a few pages. Unfortunately, my little R also quite likes these magazines and they often end up like this

A Jumbled mess! I knew I wanted to keep them here but I needed a way of keeping them organised neatly and slightly concealed from Rosie. So I started searching around online for something cute and functional and found this little beauty from IKEA. I was sold! So it snuck into my online basket and a few days later, it arrived.

I took out all the magazines and sorted them into 'keep', 'move elsewhere' and 'use for the fire'. 

As I only wanted to keep the home type magazines in the lounge, all the other ones I wanted to keep could go under the coffee table in our conservatory. 

Then I popped them in the basket...

Love how they fit the basket so well!

And put the basket under the coffee table...

Perfect fit!

A quick before and after?!

Such an easy project but so much less eye clutter! Now I've got ideas for that coffee table...some Annie Sloan paint maybe??

How do you store your magazines? Do you keep them out for visitors to read or do you keep them neatly filed in your home office? 

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