Sunday, 11 January 2015

Beautiful New Coat Hooks

Soooo this weekend we got round to a little home project that we have wanted to get to for a while. For ages we have been chucking all our coats on a little set of coat hooks under the stairs...


It's messy, inconvenient and they end up piled up and jamming up the space that could otherwise be quite useful. 

So Joe asked a local carpenter for a piece of wood and he scored a gorgeous plank of solid elm! He got to work sanding and oiling the wood to bring out the beautiful natural grain and I got on with doing what I do best- shopping! I found some hooks on eBay that you can buy in multiple packs and some screws to attach them to the wood. 

This is the space we wanted to use...

Right next to the side door which we basically use as a front door and just across from our shoe cupboard.

Then Joe attached two blocks of wood to the back for anchoring to the wall (and helping with the coat bulge when there are too many coats on the hooks- happens frequently when we have guests!)

And the grand reveal...

Love, love, love!! 

I just love this coat rack so much, not only is it beautiful and practical, it was also handmade! 

How do you organise your walk in/ mudroom/ lobby area?

x x x


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