Sunday, 18 January 2015

Baby Feeding

My amaaaaaazing ikea order arrived (yes they ship here, wahoo!!) and a few things I bought tied in nicely with my meal planning posts so I thought I would chat about them first. We are finding more and more that our little R likes to feed herself. She likes to grab bits size food off the table, use her spoon to feed herself yoghurt and sometimes drink from our cups instead of her own beaker! So when I saw this multi coloured range on IKEA I couldn't resist...

The great thing is they are all BPA free so I can stick them in the microwave as well as serve up food and drink straight on the table. And they are so colourful and fun, little R loves to play with them too!

I also got a pack of these great coveralls for meal times as Rosie hates to wear a bib - she can now whip them off in about 5 seconds flat. 

So far, so good! What dishes do you use for your little one? And what bibs work best for you? 

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