Sunday, 25 January 2015

An Organised Shoe Cupboard

Our whole entrance area was looking pretty tired until recently when we painted it and got some new flooring. Now I am looking at all the great storage space we have and I have realised we really don't use it well. In fact (cringe) it's a total mess!

This is the first cupboard on the left as you walk in through the side door of our house. We use this as our main entry way so I wanted to use this space and not use it as a dumping ground.

First I emptied everything out...

Then I sorted through everything, throwing out any shoes or sports equipment that were old and unusable, putting aside the things I wanted to donate and moving things out that belonged somewhere else. 

After that I gave the cupboard itself a revamp! I removed all the shelves and painted the inside...

Then put some super pretty contact paper on the shelves to line them! I measured and cut each piece before peeling off the backing...

And put the shelves back in where I wanted them

Sooooo much better already! The next step was really easy, I had already sorted through everything I wanted to keep in the cupboard so I popped it all back on the shelves

Ta Daaaa!! Lets take a tour...

At the top are two big plastic baskets for paint supplies

The next shelf down houses all of our sports equipment and beach stuff. Now we can just grab it and head straight out the door!

And finally all our shoes neatly organised on the shelves. I also added a basket for hats, gloves and umbrellas and a plastic tray for things we need at different times. 

Lets have a little before and after!

I love it!! Now I can use this cupboard for its intended purpose and it looks so much nicer and cleaner! I keep finding myself sneaking out to have a quick look...

How do you organise your shoes and sports equipment? 

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